About us

Infosoft was founded in 1990 and our core business has always been to develop technology that creates winners in the subscription economy.

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Through our market leading position in the media industry over many years, we have built up a unique experience on the requirements facing a subscription system handling both large volumes and high degrees of complexity, without the need for manual processing.

Our platform INFO-Subscription is developed on the back of these experiences and is a best of breed solution for companies that sell through a recurring revenue model, be it subscriptions, rentals or other ARR concepts.

Our expertise

Our team have extensive expertise and experience from a market with both high demands and a lot of complexity in its subscription models. We have established a strong specialist environment focused on recurring revenue platforms. Our development & operations teams are located in Norway and Sweden, and we have a well-integrated external development center in Europe.

Our technology

For almost 30 years, we have been at the forefront in our industry in applying new technology. INFO-Subscription is built on a flexible micro-service architecture and is designed as a cloud native solution. With its "API First" strategy, this ensures that our customers always have the shortest possible route to establishing, scaling or streamlining their offerings and business models.

Our flexibility

Over time, we have demonstrated the ability to develop solutions that address our customers' changing needs. As the subscription revolution is gaining momentum, this is a flexibility we believe will be even more important going forward.


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