The platform that lets you launch your subscription business, or other recurring revenue concepts, with smooth flexibility and automation. INFO-Subscription is a cloud native solution, with an architecture that enables the gradual development of commercial ideas and ensures flexible connectivity with relevant IT systems and software.

Mature subscription companies that are either stuck in manual routines or lacking functionality in their current solution, can rely on us to facilitate a smooth transition to INFO-Subscription.

  • Price /product
    Price /product

    High degree of flexibility, facilitating rapid product- and business developments. Allows for advanced bundling of products and options with different prices and discounts.

  • Invoicing

    Automated control of your invoicing. An advanced billing engine with selectable periods and multiple configuration options.

  • Payment

    Several payment options available out of the box: Vipps, credit cards, PDF, mobile, EHF, direct debit, eInvoice and other Nordic solutions.

  • My page
    My page

    Functionality for your customers to manage their own subscriptions. Full on-boarding support, complete with user database and authentication solution.

  • Cloud based technology
    Cloud based technology

    We use the most modern technology available. Built as a cloud native solution, with all the benefits this provides, easy access to relevant resources and ease of use. No installation. Open API/interface.

  • Finances

    Full financial overview, from a full birds eye view down to each individual subscription. Features enabling advanced offers, upselling, debit/credit transactions and payouts. Detailed financial reporting.

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