INFO-Systems is a broad module-based platform that has been tailored especially for the media industry. The solution, which is the market leader in Scandinavia, is based on .NET technology from Microsoft.

It`s a standardized solution that offers a wide range of functionality and provides great opportunities for configuring the company's business rules. Most of our customers run the solution locally, but we also offer a hosted solution.
  • Subscriptions

    Supports all relevant payment methods and subscription offerings in both digital and physical form. Allows for changes - and the financial consequences of this - on rolling subscriptions. This is the main module in INFO-Systems.

  • Product

    Allows for transaction-based sales, one-off sales of books, tickets, articles and the like.

  • CRM

    Aggregation of customer information, campaign management, TM functionality, response management, automatic triggers and more.

  • My page
    My page

    Functionality for your customers to manage their own subscriptions. Full on-boarding support, complete with user database and authentication solution.

  • Bulk sale
    Bulk sale

    Functionality to manage retailers: Quantities, regulations, returns and invoicing.

  • Auto-task

    Client to run various operational tasks automatically. Used to help streamline complex subscription businesses.

  • Distribution

    Address registry, production data, transport and delivery information.

  • API

    Interface that provides the opportunity to integrate INFO-Systems with other applications and services.


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