Xledger is an all-in-one 100% cloud-based ERP system that gives you complete control over your business. With the integration with Infosoft, you get enhanced functionality for subscription billing.

Xledger is an all-in-one cloud-based ERP system. This means all parts of the system are integrated with each other and you only need to update data in one place. Xledger is flexible and allows you to choose which features in the system you want to use. The system is designed with a focus on automation, insight, and scalability. Xledger is a standard system where machine learning contributes to the continuous development of best practices.

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Fully integrated with Infosoft

Systems that do not communicate with each other lead to time-consuming work both for the sender and receiver. Fortunately, Xledger is fully integrated with Infosoft. Both solutions are cloud-based and transfer information efficiently and seamlessly.

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How does the integration work?

Our integration automatically retrieves invoices and credit notes from Infosoft and delivers to Xledger. Payments can either be transferred from Infosoft to Xledger or vice versa. Reminders and corrections are transferred to the accounting system and are automatically recorded.

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Who is the integration suitable for?

This integration is suitable for you if you are a customer of Xledger and would like improved functionality for recurring billing.

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How to get started with the integration?

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