A new solution for all industries

For nearly 30 years, Infosoft has helped the media industry succeed with subscription services. We are now introducing a new solution for all industries. We have  launched our platform as a service, allowing us to support all businesses that want to invoice subscriptions.

From the beginning of the 1990s, our history has centred around transformation – both for our customers and for our own business. The digital revolution is a well-known and descriptive term, and we live in times of tremendous change.

Most enterprises switch to digital business models, and the fourth industrial revolution affects everyone. One of the most important changes is that products become services, and established business models change fundamentally. Customers have new demands and expectations, and consume content and entertainment in new ways.

For those who will succeed in a services-led economy

Infosoft has unique expertise with in solutions that ensure earnings from complex systems and installations. Based on our experience we want to help other industries succeed with subscription revenues. This may be an ongoing customer relationship and may consist of monthly or quarterly collection of fees. It may also consist of entertainment services where they have many different types of segmented services, software as a service with monthly deductions from credit cards or access to online newspapers or streaming services. All these are services that describes a change in how we buy and pay.  Our goal is that our business will grow together with the winners in the subscription economy.

Services for any subscription need

Read more about our different services. Our future customers are those who focus on subscription today or businesses that plan to earn money in new ways, with fixed subscription revenues. We believe that our history and our knowledge can be shared through telling stories and sharing insight. In this way, more people will know who Infosoft are and what we stand for. We can tailor sophisticated services, or you can “plug and play” our innovative services.

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